The Bear Story – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Where did the lady find the bear cub and with whose help did she bring it up?

Ans. The lady had found the bear cub in the forest near her house. She brought it up with the help of her cook. She fed him with a bottle.

Q. The bear grew up but “he was a most amiable bear”. Give three examples to prove this.

Ans. The bear was friendly and harmless. He kept on watching amicably when the cattle was grazing in the field. The children could safely ride his back. The three dogs also could play with all sorts of games and even tease him by pulling his ear and his stump of tail.

Q. What was the food of the bear?

Ans. The bear was vegetarian and ate the same food as the dogs. He was given porridge, bread, potatoes, turnips and cabbages. Apples were liked, the most, by him.

Q. What were the two things that the bear was not allowed to do?

Ans. The bear was not allowed to pluck apples from the trees and to attack the beehives.

Q. When and why was the bear tied up with a chain?

Ans. The bear was tied up at night and on Sunday, when the lady visited her sister for lunch. It was to keep the bear out of mischief.

Q. How did the bear following the lady in the jungle, go back?

Ans. The bear which was following the lady went back when she got angry at him and hit him with an umbrella.

Q. Why was the bear looking sad when the mistress came in the evening?

Ans. The bear had been tied with the chain the whole day. So he was looking sad as he was waiting for her to come back.

Q. Why did the cook get angry with her mistress?

Ans. The bear had been chained the whole day and when the mistress came, she scolded him for following him into the forest. She threatened to keep him tied for two more days. Therefore, the cook had got angry at her mistress as the bear had been meek and gentle the whole day.

Q. What do you think when the second bear did not attack the lady?

Ans. The second bear was surprised by the self-confidence with which the lady scolded him. He got scared when she hit him and was scared when she hit him and walked away.

Q. What punishment was given to the bear for attacking the bee hive?

Ans. The punishment given to the bear was:

  1. It was hit on the nose, which bled.
  2. He was put in chains for two days.

Q. What reward was promised for the good behaviour by his mistress?

Ans. The bear was very meek and gentle. He had now got used to being chained on Sundays. So, he accepted it without any protest and made no grudge. His mistress patted on his head and promised him an apple as a reward if he had behaved well on her return.

Q. This pet bear is constantly compared to a dog. Why?

Ans. This pet bear is constantly compared to a dog because he ate the same food as the dog ate. Generally, he used to act like a dog. He obeyed the orders of his mistress, like a good and faithful dog. If use chain a bear for a long time, like a dog, the bear usually gets ill-tempered. But it was a very meek and gentle bear.

Q. The bear put in chain on Sunday. Why?

Ans. The mistress of the bear used to visit her sister’s house on every Sunday and it was difficult for her to take the bear with her. So the bear was put in chain on Sundays for his own good, as it was not good for him to wander in the forest without being looked after.

Q. What was the mistake committed by the lady in identifying the bear?

Ans. The mistake committed by the lady in identifying the bear she met in the forest was that she mistook the bear in the forest to be her own, while she, herself had chained her pet bear in the house. The bear that the lady met in the forest was very cunning. He looked at the lady with cunning eyes. The pet bear looked at everyone in a very friendly way. But the lady got furious because she mistook the bear in the forest and thought that her pet bear had lost his new collar but actually it was not her pet bear.

Q. Why did the old cook defend the bear. Why?

Ans. The old cook defended the bear, when he heard his mistress shouting loudly at the bear, he became angry and came forward to protect him. He told the mistress that the bear had not moved from his place the entire day and had behaved really well in her absence. The bear had a deep desire to play with the mistress and so, he kept looking towards the gate for his mistress to return. The bear wanted his mistress to return very soon.

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