The Bond of Love – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Why was Bruno sent to the zoo?

Ans. Just as the months rolled by Bruno outgrew even the Alsatians in height. As the tenant’s children were very scared of him, he had to be kept in chains all the time. And he was also too big to be kept at home. So Bruno was sent to zoo.

Q. Identify any two instances from the story which show that the author and his wife treated Bruno as a family member.

Ans. The author’s wife changed his name from Bruno to Baba which is a Hindustani word signifying ‘a small boy’. Bruno ate everything that the author and his wife ate and slept with them.

Q. Why did the superintendent consent to give Baba back to the author’s wife?

Ans. The superintendent consented to give Baba back to the author’s wife because he was a kindhearted man. He was touched by her love for Baba. The fact that both Baba and the author’s wife fretted for each other moved him to consent.

Q. With what tricks would Baba entertain the author’s family?

Ans. Baba would obey commands and would tackle anyone for rough and tumble when commanded to wrestle or box. He would point a stick when asked to hold a gun. If someone asked where the baby was, then he would produce and cradle affectionately a stump of wood.

Q. How did the author’s wife reach Bruno in the island?

Ans. The author had tied a rope to the overhanging branch of a mango tree with a loop at its end. Putting one foot in the loop, his wife kicked off with the other, to bridge the six-foot gap that constituted the width of the pit that surrounded the island. She returned in the same way.

Q. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?

Ans. The author’s wife loved Bruno deeply and missed him very much. So Bruno was driven back to Bengaluru. An island, 20 feet long and 15 feet wide surrounded by a dry moat was made for Bruno. He was kept there in a wooden box with some straws in it. His toys were also put back for him to play with.

Q. The author decided to send Bruno to zoo. What does it reveal about his character? Discuss the values highlighted in his character.

Ans. The author decided to send Bruno to zoo as he knew that Bruno was growing and he had to be kept chained most of the time. He was getting too big to be kept at home. This shows that he was a man of practical wisdom and a responsible citizen. He did not like that an animal should be kept chained all the time. He wanted that Bruno should live in the natural atmosphere.

Q. Narrate incidents from the lesson, The Bond of Love to show that the author’s wife and Baba, the bear, were extremely fond of each other.

Ans. The author’s wife got the bear cub when he had lost his mother and she took charge of him and brought him up. She named him Bruno, treated him like her own son and he also became much attached to her. They fretted and stopped eating when he was sent to the zoo. They were overwhelmed when she went to see him at the zoo, so she decided to bring him back. She made arrangements for him in the house, a special island was constructed for him and they both found great joy in each other’s company.

Q. Animals too feel the pain of separation. Elucidate with reference to the story The Bond of Love.

Ans. Not only humans but animals also feel the pain of separation. When Bruno was sent to the zoo, he became depressed as he missed the author’s wife, who had been like a mother to him. He started fretting and refused to eat food. This resulted in him becoming very thin. When after three months the author’s wife went to meet him, on catching a glimpse of her he howled in happiness and stood over his head in delight. All this shows us that the animals too experience the pain of separation.

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