The Book that Saved the Earth – Important Questions

Q. What did the historian speak about the books?


Why was the twentieth century called the ‘era of books’?

Ans. The twentieth century was called the ‘era of books’ because they were the encyclopedias of knowledge. There were books for everything—from ant-eaters to Zulus. Books were used to educate people and teach them. In fact, books were a very important part of life of the people.

Q. What does Noodle tell Think-Tank about the books?

Ans. Initially Think-Tank considers books as a crude refreshment, may be sandwiches, but later Noodle informs him that the earthlings did not eat books rather they used them for communication.

Q. How did Think Tank misinterpret innocent nursery rhymes?

Ans. Think-Tank heard Omega transcribe certain nursery rhymes like ‘Mistress Mary’, ‘The Cat and the Fiddle’ and ‘Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall’. On hearing those poems ‘Think Tank’ concluded that the earthlings were superior to them and in fact were planning an attack on them.

Q. Why are books referred to as a man’s best companion? Which book saved the Earth from Martians in invasion?

Ans. Books have been called a man’s best companion as they always teach him the right things. They are the best companions because your friends may desert you in your hour of need but a book will never leave you or give you the wrong guidance. A book of nursery rhymes saved the earth from Martians in invasion.

Q. What guesses are made by Think-Tank about the books found on earths?

Ans. After seeing the books, Think Tank jumps to a strange conclusion. He says that the books are sandwiches. He asks Omega to eat it. At last, Oop bites the corner of the book and reports that it is not delicious. Noodle guesses that the books are communication devices. Noodle again suggests that they are perhaps for eye-communication and not for ear-communication.

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