The Cobra and the Crows by Vishnu Sharma

Once in a jungle named Sundervan there lived a pair of crows on an old tree. In the hollow of the same tree, there lived a wicked cobra.

Mrs. Crow was very worried and frightened of this snake because every time she used to lay eggs, the wicked cobra used to eat them up. She told her husband and they both thought of an idea. Mrs. and Mr. Crow flew to their friend, the jackal as they confided in him and he was very clever.

They told him all about the wicked old cobra who lived in their tree and how he ate their children. “How can we get rid of him and protect our home, we are afraid to live there?” asked Mr.Crow. “Don’t give up so easily, let’s think of something to defeat this enemy,” said the jackal calmly.

The jackal thought for a while and then he whispered a solution in Mr. Crow’s ear. According to plan, the crows flew over a lake where Queen and her maids were bathing. Mrs. crow noticed that queen left her clothes and jewelry on the bank of the lake.

Mrs. Crow swooped down, picked up a gold necklace and flew off. But one of the maids saw this and started shouting. Some of the king’s servants, who were working nearby heard the women shouting. They began chasing the crow but she escaped. She flew over the home of that bad cobra and dropped the necklace in front of his home. Cobra was sleeping inside and was not aware of this.

Soon King’s servant came searching for the crow and saw the necklace lying in front of cobra’s house. Hearing all the loud noises cobra slithered out of his hollow and the angry servants saw him. “Beat him!” shouted the servants. Cobra had no way to escape and that was the end of this wicked old cobra. The men got back queen’s gold chain and the crows lived happily even after.

Moral of the story: Even a very powerful enemy can be destroyed through deceit

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