The Comet I – Important Questions

Important Questions and Answers

Q. What importance did the telescope have in the life of Duttada?

Ans. The telescope marked the fulfillment of the ambition of a lifetime for Duttada?

Q. Which paper carried out the news of Duttada’s discovery?

Ans. “Anand Bazaar Patrika” came out with the news of Duttada’s discovery of a new comet.

Q. Explain the point which Duttada gave in favour of the arrival/sight of comets?

Ans. Duttada cited some points in favour of the arrival of comets such as:

  • There is no co-relation whatsoever with the arrival of a comet and the calamities on the earth.
  • Comets have nothing harmful about them. They can pass harmlessly by causing no anxiety to anybody.

Q. How did Johnson reached Whitehall so soon?

Ans. Johnson’s Ford Cortina brought them to Whitehall in less than 90 minutes.

Q. What did Duttada call his telescope?

Ans. Dutta called his telescope Dibya Chakshu.

Q. What did Indrani called Duttada’s telescope and why?

Ans. Indrani called telescope Dibya because she thought that telescope was like a designing woman who had ensnared her husband.

Q. Describe a comet as explained in the story.

Ans. Comets are heavenly bodies that orbit round the sun. They have longish tail brilliantly lit by sunlight.

Q. Why do professionals miss to discover new comets according to Duttada?

Ans. Professionals miss to discover new comets because they have pre-assigned programmes of looking at faint star and nebulous galaxies. They miss such insignificant things as comets.

Q. What did Duttada do to confirm his discovery?

Ans. Duttada re-examined his charts, checked his Dibya for any smudges on optics, did some calculation etc. to confirm his discovery.

Q. Why was the comet called ‘Comet Dutta’?

Ans. The comet was called ‘Comet Dutta’ according to the accepted practice. The new comet was named after its discoverer.

Q. What is the important point discussed in James’ paper?

Ans. Important point discussed in James’ paper was that the new comet would collide with the Earth. It was inevitable.

Q. How did Sir John get hold of James’s original manuscript?

Ans. Sir John got hold of the original manuscript of James as he obtained it from Taylor, the Editor of “Nature” who was his friend. James had given the manuscript to “Nature” to publish it without delay being important.

Q. What is the important point the paper makes?

Ans. The important point which the paper made was the possibility of comet Dutta colliding with the Earth or with some asteroid before reaching down.

Q. Why does Sir John say that James’s paper should not be published?

Ans. Sir John was not in favour of James’s paper to be published because it might raise controversies and panic among masses.

Q. What the two men finally decide to to?

Ans. The two men finally decided to plan an important secret conference of international experts.

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