The Comet II – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How massive was the comet Dutta? Could the experiment be successful?

Ans. Nobody could estimate how massive the comet was, though everybody hoped it was not massive. The success of the experiment depended upon the fact on how massive the comet was.

Q. Why did Duttada got angry at his wife?

Ans. Duttada got angry at his wife as she had arranged for the Yajna to overcome the ill effects of comet. He did not consider it a taboo and he reckoned them a meaningless rituals.

Q. Describe comets as Duttada defined them?

Ans. According to Duttada, Comets were known for what they were, the movements were forecast precisely by mathematical calculations. Moreover, it confirmed that their visits had no correlations with the disasters on Earth.

Q. What was the hidden agenda of the conference?

Ans. The hidden agenda of the conference was about Comet Dutta and its chances of colliding with the Earth.

Q. What are the defensive measures mentioned in the story?

Ans. The defensive measures mentioned in the story is that people should live in underground bunkers which did not seem practical.

Q. What offensive action was suggested in the conference to avoid comet’s collision with the earth?

Ans. The offensive measure decided in the conference to avoid collision was that it should be marginally deflected from its path by giving a push.

Q. What was Project Light Brigade?

Ans. ‘Project Light Brigade’ was a plan to divert the comet by sending a gigantic payload in a spaceship.

Q. ‘‘I am not buying any Christmas present till December 15.’’ What did Sir John mean by that?

Ans. By these words Sir John meant that that day would decide whether the people on Earth would survive or die as there was a fear of collision between the comet and the Earth.

Q. What was Duttada’s reaction to the performing of yajna?

Ans. Duttada was not happy with the performing of yajna; he believed it to be all superstition. He was annoyed.

Q. What confirmed Duttada that comet was not going to collide with the earth?

Ans. When Duttada received a telex message from Sir John saying, ‘I am confident now of buying my Christmas presents’, he was confirmed that the comet would not collide with the earth.

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