The Duck and The Kangaroo – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:

‘Please give me a ride on your back !’
Said the Duck to the Kangaroo.
“I would sit quite still, and say nothing but ‘quack’
The whole of the long day through!
And we’d go to the Dee, and the Jelly Bo Lee,
Over the land, and over the sea;
Please take me on a ride! O do !”
Said the Duck to the Kangaroo.

  1. What is the Duck doing in the first line?
  2. What did the Duck assure the Kangaroo?
  3. What are ‘Dee’ and ‘Jelly Bo Lee’?
  4. Give a word from the passage which means the same as the phrase ‘a vast span of water’.
  5. What request did the Duck make to the Kangaroo?
  6. What did the Duck promise?
  7. Where did the Duck want to visit?
  8. Give a word from the passage which means ‘entire’.


  1. Making a request.
  2. He would sit quite still.
  3. Names of places
  4. Sea
  5. The Duck requested the Kangaroo to ride on his back to see the world. The Kangaroo agreed to it.
  6. The Duck promised to sit quite, still and not to say anything but quack.
  7. Dee and the ‘Jelly Bo Lee’
  8. whole

Q. Why did the Duck praise the Kangaroo? How?

Ans. The duck praised the Kangaroo by appreciating his skills of hopping. He praised the Kangaroo to get an offer from Kangaroo to have a ride on his back so that he might visit the world by riding on his back.

Q. What was the objection raised by the Kangaroo to the duck?

Ans. The objection of the Kangaroo before the duck was that the feet of the duck were cold and wet most of the time which might cause cold to Kangaroo any time.

Q. Was the Kangaroo able to accept the request of the duck? If yes, when did they leave for the journey

Ans. Yes, the Kangaroo was able to accept the request of the duck. They left for the journey on the moonlit night.

Q. Between the duck and the Kangaroo, whom do you think to be happier?

Ans. In my opinion, Duck is happier because he wished to visit the world on Kangaroo’s back which Kangaroo accepted and the duck could be able to fulfill his desire.

Q. What did the two friends, the Duck and the Kangaroo decide?

Ans. Two friends the Duck and the Kangaroo decided to set out on a long pleasure trip.

Q. Describe the line that shows Duck requests Kangaroo to take him for a long trip.

Ans. The line that shows Duck’s request is—‘Please give me a ride on your back’.

Q. Where did the Duck decide to go?

Ans. The Duck decided to go to the ‘Dee’, and ‘Jelly Bo Lee’, over the land, and over the sea.

Q. Why is Kangaroo wary to take the Duck on the tip of his tail?

Ans. Kangaroo is wary to take the Duck on the tip of his tail because the Duck’s feet are unpleasantly wet and cold.

Q. What solution did the Duck find out to this problem?

Ans. The Duck found out a quick solution to this problem as she said that she would purchase woolen-socks and cloak to keep out the cold.

Q. Who do you think was happier – Kangaroo or Duck? Why?

Ans. I think the Duck was happier because the Kangaroo was ready to give her a joy ride though on some small conditions which the duck had already thought about. But most importantly, the duck was happier because she was going to see the big world beyond the pond for the first time. She was excited because everything beyond the pond was new to her. All these days, her days started and ended in the dirty pond. She didn’t know what was there in the outside world. She was going to see the fields and the sea. Change is the tonic of life and this joy ride on the back of the Kangaroo was going to be a big change for the duck. The other reason why I think the Duck was happier because it would again be a completely new experience to ride the Kangaroo’s back. As the Kangaroo would hop around the world, the duck would experience a different movement.

Q. Would you like to be the duck or the kangaroo? Explain.

Ans. I would like to be the duck because I can relate myself with the duck’s character. The duck is frank, polite and sensible. She is frank about being bored in her pond but she is not ambitious to become a kangaroo. She doesn’t dislike or hate her life as a duck but just wants to see the beautiful world around. She is humble while requesting the kangaroo to give a joy ride to her. She is sensible enough to understand the concern of the kangaroo. She doesn’t feel humiliated or becomes angry when the Kangaroo says that she has wet and cold feet. She doesn’t think that the kangaroo is trying to talk down to her. She is someone who accepts the reality gracefully and thinks on how to improvise the reality to attain her purpose. This is a rare trait and this impresses me the most about the duck.

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