The Fight – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Where did Ranji go for his holidays? What happened there?

Ans. Ranji had gone to Rajpur, a semi hill station. He discovered a pool in the forest.

Q. How were the pools in the desert? Where he lived? Did he like it?

Ans. Ranji lived with his parents in a thirsty town in the middle of the Rajputana desert. There he had known only sticky, muddy pools, where buffaloes wallowed and woman washed clothes. He had never seen a pool like this so clean and inviting. Of course, he admired it by leaping into the water as he did not hesitate to get into it.

Q. How did Ranji and Suraj become friends?

Ans. Suraj put his arm lovingly around Ranji and said, “we are friends now, yes?” They looked at each other with honest, unflinching eyes, and in that moment, love and understanding were born. “We are friends”, said Ranji.

Q. How was the pool in Rajpur different from that of Rajputana?

Ans. The pool in Rajpur was cool with clear water which did not dry but the pool in Rajputana was sticky and muddy where buffaloes wallowed and women washed clothes.

Q. What did Ranji and the other boy claimed themselves to be?

Ans. The other boy called himself a warrior and Ranji called himself a fighter.

Q. Why did the other boy want Ranji to leave?

Ans. The other boy wanted Ranji to leave because he called that pool as his own.

Q. What did Ranji wish to do when he saw his adversary in the bazar?

Ans. When Ranji saw his adversary in bazaar at first, he wanted to turn away and look somewhere else, and the second was to throw the lemonade bottle at his enemy.

Q. Although Ranji was not ready to fight the next day. Why did he go to the pool?

Ans. Although Ranji was not ready to fight the next day, he went to the pool because he could not refuse the challenge and not to turn up would have meant an acknowledgement of defeat.

Q. What did Ranji and the other boy teach each other?

Ans. Ranji promised to teach the warrior how to dive and swim and warrior promised to teach Ranji how to become Pehalwan.

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