The Friendly Mongoose – NCERT Solutions

Q. Why did the farmer bring a baby mangoose into the house?

Ans. The farmer had a small son. He wanted to have a pet to give company to his child. So he brought home a baby mongoose to play with the child.

Q. Why didn’t the farmer’s wife want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?

Ans. The farmer’s wife did not trust even her pet mongoose. She didn’t want to leave her son alone with an animal.

Q. What was the farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears?

Ans. The farmer understood why his wife was afraid of leaving the baby alone with the mongoose. Therefore, he tried to remove her fear. He said that the mongoose was a friendly animal, as sweet and gentle as their own baby.

Q. Why did the farmer’s wife strike the mongoose with her basket?

Ans. The farmer’s wife returned home with a heavy basket. She noticed blood on the face and paws of the mongoose. She had no doubt that the mongoose had killed her son. So in anger she hit the animal with the basket. The poor mongoose died on the spot.

Q. Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance?

Ans. The farmer’s wife saw the snake torn into pieces. Her own son was safely asleep. She realised her mistake. She felt very sorry. She touched the mongoose and cried. She saw the painful result of her hasty action.

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