The Glimpse of the Past – Summary

The Glimpse of the Past is in the form of conversation dealing with India’s struggle for Independence. It is written by S. D. Sawant.


The Chapter begins with the conquest of the East India Company which ruled in our country from 1757 to 1857. The Britishers saw the weakness of Indian princes and realised that they did not have unity. They cheated them and took over the reigns. The Britishers further realised that the Indians were very orthodox and had lost self-respect, they believed in superstitions. The Britishers further destroyed our local business.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy came in front, he was a learned man from Bengal. He understood what was wrong. He awakened the people but the Britishers continued with their oppression. They even passed a Regulation in which Indians could be sent to jail without any trial. Indian business lopped while the Britishers prospered.

In India, education was in Persian or Sanskrit, so to fulfill their selfish motive, Britishers started English education and by 1856 had captured most of the country. Taxes were raised which continued to ruin the peasants.

The Indian soldiers came to know that the grenades they were using contained cow and pig fat. They revolted against it in 1857. This revolt took a massive shape, even the landlords stood against the Britishers. Finally many kings and queens fought for freedom against the Britishers.

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