Speech on The Importance of Water

Good Morning to one and all !

They say that the, ‘Best things in the world are free !’ But, in today’s world neither the best nor free water is available for us. Water is the most precious resource for man and its uses are innumerable. Thanks to the ever-increasing pollution, global warming, misuse and wastage of water that we have reached a stage where only a limited amount of fresh water is available for human consumption.

Scientists say that the Third World War may be fought for water. The most surprising fact is that in spite of these issues, we contaminate water without thinking twice. Every drop matters, every bucket counts. The burden of sustainability of natural resources is on the shoulders of the youth.

Let us take some simple steps for our future generations so that they don’t say, ‘Water water everywhere, but not one drop to drink !’ Use bucket to bath; not the shower, wash your vehicles using bucket water and not the hosepipe, water the plants with the water of washed vegetables and fruits and so many more.

Earth is our home and its protection is our moral duty.

Thank you and have a nice day !

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