The Invention of Vita-Wonk – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. From where did Mr. Wonka collect special items?

Ans. Mr. Wonka collected special items from all over the world.

Q. What did Mr. Wonka invent?

Ans. Mr. Wonka invented a tiny cup full of black liquid.

Q. Who drank it?

Ans. Twenty-year-old Oompa-Loompa, a volunteer was made to drink it.

Q. What was the effect of the drug Wonka-Vite?

Ans. The effect of Wonka-Vite was so strong that the age even went into minus and people disappeared.

Q. What enabled Mr. Wonka to go around the world so quickly?

Ans. The Great Glass Elevator possessed by Mr. Wonka enabled him to go around the world so quickly.

Q. Britlecone Pine trees live the longest. Whom did Mr. Wonka asked Charlie to confirm this fact with?

Ans. Mr. Wonka asked Charlie to confirm this fact with a dendrochronologist.

Q. What was special about the Arabian horse?

Ans. The Arabian horse lived for 51 years which is quite unusual for any normal horse.

Q. What does the lesson tell you about ‘Vita-Wonk’?

Ans. A second drug was invented by Mr. Wonka which was named ‘Vita-Wonk’. It was used to cause ageing. When a man of twenty took four drops of this new medicine, he turned into a man of seventy five.

Q. What does the lesson tell you about the venomous squerkle?

Ans. The lesson tells us that the venomous squerkle is very strong and powerful. It also tells that it even has the strength and potential to throw its poison fifty yards away from it, right into your eye.

Q. Name at least four things that Mr. Wonka collected from the oldest living things.

Ans. Four things that Mr. Wonka collected from the oldest living things were:

  1. A 36-year old flea which had lived on crumpets.
  2. Tail of 207-year-old giant rat .
  3. Black teeth of 97-year-old Grimalkin in a cave of Mount Popocatepett.
  4. Kucklebones of 700-year-old Cattaloo from Peru.

Q. What was the need for Mr. Wonka to invent Vita-Wonk after the invention of Wonka Vite?

Ans. First Mr. Wonka invented Wonka-Vite potion to make people younger than their age. But something went wrong with it. After taking it may people had grown younger to an extent that their ages had gone to minus. All such people had disappeared and would be back only after they spend all those minus years being invisible. To alter those changes. Mr. Wonka decided to invent a new drug which would help people to grow older.

Q. Describe Mr. Wonka.

Ans. Mr. Willy Wonka was a very strange inventor. He used to make all kinds of strange inventions. He had an assistant called Charlie. There was also Oompa-Loompa, a volunteer on whom he used to carry out testing of his inventions. He had an inventing room where he carried out all such mysterious works. He also had a glass Elevator which took him around the world. Earlier he had invented Wonka-Vite that had made people younger to an extent that their age had gone into minus and they had become invisible. He then invented Vita-Wonk after collecting ancient items across the world which could help people grow older.

Q. How was Vita-Wonk finally invented and What was its effect?

Ans. Mr. Wonka rolled up his sleeves and began his search for the new recipe. He had to create age, to make people old. So, he set out to search for the oldest raw materials. He took a pint of sap from a 4000-years-old Bristlecone Pine. He tracked down very ancient animals and took little bits from them. After mixing all the items, he did a lot of boiling, babbling and testing into his inventing room. Finally, he was able to invent Vita-Wonk. It was one small cupful of an oily black liquid. Its effect was tested on a young man of twenty. He took four drops of VitaWonk. At once, the young man changed into an old man of seventy-five.

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