The Kite – NCERT Solutions

Q. List out the action words in the poem

dive, dip, snaps, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______,

Find out the meanings of these words.

Ans. dive, dip, snaps, soars, rides, pulls, flaps

  • dive – to plunge
  • dip – bend
  • snaps – makes a sharp sound
  • soars – rises
  • rides – climbs, sits on the back
  • pulls – drives forward
  • flaps – flutters

Q. Read these lines from the poem.

Then soars like a ship.
With only a sail

The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship with a sail. This is called a simile. Can you suggest what or who the following actions may be compared to?

  1. He runs like ____________.
  2. He eats like _____________.
  3. She sings like ____________.
  4. It shines like ____________.
  5. It flies like ______________.


  1. He runs like a deer.
  2. He eats like a wolf.
  3. She sings like a nightingale.
  4. It shines like a glow-worm.
  5. It flies like a kite.

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