The Laburnum Top – NCERT Solutions

Q. What Laburnum is called in your language?

Ans. Laburnum is called Amaltas (veyrkl) in our language.

Q. Which local bird is like the goldfinch?

Ans. A sparrow having colours on its body is like the goldfinch.

Q. What do you notice about the beginning and the ending of the poem?

Ans. In the beginning the Laburnum Top is silent. Then it becomes lively when a bird comes to it. In the end it again becomes silent.

Q. To what is the bird’s movement compared? What is the basis of the comparison?

Ans. The bird’s movement is compared to a lizard’s, because the birds enters the tree like a lizard, sleek, alert and abrupt.

Q. Why is the image of the engine evoked by the poet?

Ans. A sound of machine comes from the tree. It is called the engine of her family as it provides support to her family.

Q. What do you like most about the poem?

Ans. We like the comparison of a bird’s movement with a machine.

Q. What does the phrase ‘her barred face identity mask’ mean?

Ans. A goldfinch has stripes on its face which marks her face and becomes her identity.

Q. Note Down

  1. the sound words
  2. the movement words
  3. the dominant colour in the poem


  1. Chirrup, chattering, trillings, whistle-chirrup, whisperings.
  2. Twitching, enters, tremor, strokes, flirts, launches
  3. Yellow is the dominant colour in the poem. The leaves are yellowing, goldfinch has yellow feathers and the sunlight is yellow.

Q. List the Following

  1. words which describe ‘sleek’, ‘alert’ and ‘abrupt’ could rhyme with.
  2. Words with the ‘sound’, ‘ch’ as in ‘chart’ and ‘tr’, as in ‘trembles’ in the poem.
  3. other sounds that occur frequently in the poem.


  1. sleek—cheek, week, leak, creek. alert—hurt, curt, shirt, flirt abrupt—interrupt, corrupt
  2. ‘Ch’ sound-chirrup, chattering ‘tr’ sound-tremble, tremor, tree, trilling
  3. Other frequent sounds ‘st’ sound-startlement, starts, stokes, still

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