The Little Boy’s May-day Song by Eliza Lee Follen

“The flowers are blooming everywhere,
On every hill and dell,
And O, how beautiful they are!
How sweetly, too, they smell!

“The little brooks, they dance along,
And look so glad and gay;
I love to hear their pleasant song,
I feel as glad as they.

“The young lambs bleat and frisk about,
The bees hum round their hive,
The butterflies are coming out,—
‘Tis good to be alive.

“The trees that looked so stiff and gray
With green wreaths now are hung;
O mother! let me laugh and play,
I cannot hold my tongue.

“See yonder bird spread out his wings,
And mount the clear blue skies;
And hark! how merrily he sings,
As far away he flies.”

“Go forth, my child, and laugh and play,
And let your cheerful voice,
With birds, and brooks, and merry May,
Cry loud, Rejoice! rejoice!

“I would not check your bounding mirth,
My little happy boy,
For He who made this blooming earth
Smiles on an infant’s joy.”

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