The Midnight Visitor – Important Questions

Q. What great qualities made Ausable a successful secret agent?

Ans. Ausable was a secret agent in an organization. He was alert and resourceful. He was a cool-headed person and had a lot of presence of mind. He was an American and could also speak German and French.

Q. Why was Fowler disappointed on seeing Ausable?

Ans. Fowler was disappointed on seeing Ausable who was unlike other secret agents. He was fat and sloppy with heavy American accent. He was not at all flashy or romantic like other agents.

Q. Who was Max? How did Ausable get rid of him?

Ans. Max was a secret agent who came for secret papers on missiles. Ausable outwitted him by making a false story that the police might have come to provide him security for the important paper and also a story about the balcony. Max tried to escape through it and died.

Q. How did Max try to escape? What happened to him?

Ans. Max wanted to hide himself on the balcony. He put his leg over the window and jumped on to the balcony. He dropped to the balcony, screamed loudly and died, because in reality there was no balcony.

Q. Why did Ausable frame the story of the balcony?

Ans. Ausable knew that Max was scared and he used his ignorance and foolishness in his own favour. He framed the story of the balcony to convince Max about the balcony which was actually non-existent. It helped Ausable to get out of a dangerous and critical situation.

Q. Why did Max enter Ausable’s room? How did he do so?

Ans. Max entered Ausable’s room to take a ‘report’ regarding the new missiles. It was the report that was to be delivered to Ausable that night. He did so by using a pass key to enter in Ausable’s absence.

Q. The balcony plays a significant role in the story ‘The Midnight Visitor’, How? OR How did the role of the balcony become significant in the story, “The Midnight Visitor”?

Ans. The significance of the balcony is quite clear in the story. Actually, there is no balcony. It is just a clever strategy used by Ausable to outwit Max. Ausable created the balcony which did not exist so as to dupe Max and the police. Max thought balcony as a means to escape from the police.

Q. How do you know that Ausable was an intelligent secret agent?

Ans. Ausable was intelligent secret agent, as he could easily fabricate stories and befoot his enemies and kill them without using any weapon. He is very fat and short but he is much alert in the mind. Actually he uses his mind to the maximum. He did not get nervous when Max entered the room with an automatic pistol. Rather he was easily able to outwit Max.

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