The Monkey and the Crocodile – Summary

Short Summary

A monkey lived in a fruit tree on the bank of a river. He made friends with a crocodile, gave him delicious fruits to eat and sent some for his wife. They met regularly and talked — the monkey in the tree and the crocodile on the ground. The crocodile’s wife was annoyed because her husband came home late. She didn’t like his friendship with the monkey. The crocodile couldn’t altogether ignore his wife’s wishes. The monkey was thunderstruck. He knew his life was in danger. He kept his cool and persuaded the crocodile on a pretext to swim back to the tree. He decided then to discontinue his friendship with the crocodile.


Once a monkey lived in a fruit tree on the bank of a river. He made friends with a crocodile. The monkey used to give delicious fruits to the crocodile and sent some for his wife too. They met daily and never got tired of talking.

One day the crocodile stayed longer than usual with the monkey. His wife got very angry and wanted to know who his friend was, who was so fond of him. The crocodile told her about the monkey, who used to send fruits for her everyday.

The crocodile’s wife now wanted to eat the heart of such a good monkey. The crocodile resisted, to which his wife got furious and dived into the water and hid herself.

The crocodile was in a dilemma. He wanted to please his wife because he loved her but at the same time, he was fond of his friend also. He finally decided to please his wife. So he, invited the monkey to dinner.

The monkey agreed but because he could not swim, he climbed on the crocodile’s back to reach his home. In the middle of the river, where it was the deepest, the crocodile told the monkey about his wife’s demand.

The monkey though scared, kept his head cool and said that he was willing to do anything for the crocodile and his wife. But he should have told him earlier because he has left his heart on the tree.

The crocodile turned back to swim to the tree so that the monkey might take his heart. As soon as they reached near the shore, the monkey jumped on to the tree and saved his life. He also broke his friendship with the crocodile forever.

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