The Proposal – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Who is Lomov and why does he visit Chubukov?

Ans. Lomov is a rich landowner. He is neighbour of chubukov. He is a thirty-five year old rich bachelor who wanted to marry Natalya (Chubukov’s daughter). So he came very well dressed in evening, dressed in a jacket and white gloves, to ask for Natalya’s hand.

Q. Why did Lomov go to the house of Chubukov?

Ans. Lomov, a rich bachelor, went to the house of Chubukov to propose Natalya, the daughter of Chubukov, for marriage. Though Lomov was not in love with her but he felt that she was a good housekeeper, beautiful and well educated. He also felt it was time he should settle down.

Q. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?

Ans. Lomov is hypochondriac and nervous. He thinks he is cold, he has a roaring in his ears, he complains of a weak heart, insomnia, strange aches and palpitation. He also suffers from numbness of limbs. He gets nervous very often. His heart collapses twice. He considers himself weak and helpless, needs sympathy.

Q. What do you learn about Natalya from the play, ‘The Proposal’?

Ans. Natalya is the only daughter of the landowner Chubukov. She was very possessive about her land and was very determined not to part with it. She was a short tempered lady who used to quarrel with anyone very often. She always pinpointed the amount of help she had offered to her neighbours. Though well educated, she did not use her education wisely and thoughtfully.

Q. Among neighbours we should have cordial relations and not lose our temper. How do Natalya and Lomov lose their temper on trivial issues?

Ans. Lomov and Natalya were next-door neighbours. One day, Lomov came to Natalya to propose her. Natalya, who didn’t know that he had come to propose her, thought that he had come to claim Oxen Meadows as his own. When Chubukov, Natalya’s father, interfered with them and also pleaded that the Oxen Meadows were the properties of Chubukov, the fight aggravated. For a few moments, Lomov’s real purpose was overshadowed by that issue and he continued the bias that meadows belonged to his aunt’s grandmother who gave them to the peasants of Chubukov’s grandfather on the condition that they would prepare bricks for her. So how it would be considered as Natalya’s property.

Though both Lomov and Chubukov, Natalya’s father, were very rich landlords, they quarrelled over a tiny piece of land, called, ‘Oxen Meadows’. But that was not the end of quarrel. Natalya didn’t agree with Lomov’s explanation. Instead, she offered to make a present of it to Lomov who, in turn, rejected the suggestion. And the quarrel continued endlessly. Such first meeting of Lomov and Natalya had in itself seeds of things (quarrels over petty issues) to be expected in their married life.

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