The Quarrel – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Pick out all the rhyming words in the poem.

Ans. Brother-another, about-out, slight-right, strong-wrong, black-back, along-wrong.

Q. How long did the quarrel last?

Ans. The quarrel lasted for about half-a-day from afternoon till it was dark.

Q. What was the reason of the quarrel that continued till afternoon?

Ans. The reason for the quarrel that continued till the afternoon was that they blamed each other for the fight. The brother claimed himself to be right while he was wrong. The afternoon turned out to be unpleasant because of quarrel.

Q. Who ended the fight and how?

Ans. The brother realized his mistake and ended the fight by accepting his fault. He patted on his sisters back, asked her to forgive and forget.

Q. Oh! come along’ we can’t go on all night’. Who said this line and why?

Ans. The poet’s brother said this line because they had a quarrel and he wanted to resolve the matter.

Q. What lesson do you learn from the poem?

Ans. Quarrel arises due to misunderstanding. No quarrel lasts long. Reasons of quarrel are realized after both sides feel sorry and become friends again.

Q. Why should we not continue to quarrel with any one?

Ans. We should not continue a quarrel with anyone for a long time because it is always harmful for a relationship. It is the root cause of misunderstandings which may lead to an end of a good relationship. It is always preferable to find a solution and bring an end to the quarrel.

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