The Quarrel by Eleanor Farjeon

I quarrelled with my brother
I don’t know what about,
One thing led to another
And somehow we fell out.
The start of it was slight,
The end of it was strong,
He said he was right,
I knew he was wrong!

We hated one another.
The afternoon turned black.
Then suddenly my brother
Thumped me on the back,
And said, “Oh, come along!
We can’t go on all night —
I was in the wrong.”
So he was in the right.


In this poem, the poetess says that she fought with her brother for no obvious reason. They shouted at each other and blamed each other on some petty issue. At first, it was mild. Then later it turned out to be stronger. Both said that they were right.

They started to hate each other. They did not talk till evening. Then suddenly the brother patted the sister on her back and accepted his mistake. He said that they must forgive and forget. The sister was also happy and forgave him.

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