The Rebel – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What does the rebel do with his hair?

Ans. The rebel keeps his hair long when others cut theirs short and when everyone grows their hair he keeps his short.

Q. How does the rebel behave during a lesson?

Ans. During a lesson when everyone is talking then he would keep quite and when all are quite he would talk.

Q. In the poem the poet describes a person who does not do things the way everyone else is doing and calls him a rebel.

  1. A person who does not behave like everyone else is a _________.
  2. A person who is always doing something naughty _________.
  3. Ravi has all his homework complete and gets all the books to class _________.
  4. Mayank does not waste his time at all and is studying all the time ___________.
  5. Shashank does not share his sweets and chocolates with others but wants them from others ___________.
  6. Rohit would not lend a pencil to his classmates and would infact borrow one from them even if he had his own __________.


  1. Rebel
  2. Mischievous
  3. Sincere
  4. Studious
  5. Greedy
  6. Miser

Q. What does the rebel do when others refuse an offer?

Ans. When others refuse to accept an offer, the rebel accepts it thankfully.

Q. Are the rebels rain lovers?

Ans. The rebels become rain lovers when they realise that the others are enjoying the sun.

Q. What is the attitude of the rebel towards the sun and the rain?

Ans. When everyone around the rebel is praising the sun, the rebel feels sad that the rain is not there. And when everyone around him is happy about the rain, he feels that the sun should come out.

Q. Does the rebel prefer cats or dogs?

Ans. The rebel likes cat when he is surrounded by dog lovers and he likes dogs when he is surrounded by people who like cats. Therefore, he has no fixed choice.

Q. From the poem can you say that the rebel is a polite person?

Ans. From the poem it looks that the rebel is not a polite person because where others say ‘Yes’ he says ‘No’ and when others say ‘No’ he would say ‘Yes’.

Q. Why does the poet say that it is good to have rebels?

Ans. I think the poet says that it is good to have rebels because they act in a different way and help us to look at things in a different manner.

Q. Do you think the poet feels it is good to be a rebel?

Ans. No, the poet doesn’t feel it good to be a Rebel because he say that a person will not find it easy to be one.

Q. Why do rebels always contradict others?

Ans. The rebels always contradict others because they wish to be different and stand out from the rest of the crowd. They try to gain others’ attention by retaining their own voice and preferences as well as opinions rather than blindly following the crowd.

Q. Why does the society disapprove of the rebels?

Ans. The rebels do not conform to the standard decisions and choices mode by the society at large. They have their own opinions, unique thinking, are different and at times even go to the extent of contradicting others merely to highlight themselves as unique.

Q. Give two examples from the poem which tell us something about the dressing sense of the Rebel.

Ans. When everyone is in a uniform, the rebel would come in coloured clothes and when they come in coloured clothes he would wear a uniform. Similarly, when all wear long hair, he would wear them short and when all are in short hair, he would be in long hair.

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