The Sabbath is Here by Eliza Lee Follen

The Sabbath is here, it is sent us from heaven;
Rest, rest, toilsome life,
Be silent all strife,
Let us stop on our way,
And give thanks and pray
To Him who all things has given.

The Sabbath is here, to the fields let us go;
How fresh and how fair!
In the still morning air,
The bright golden grain
Waves over the plain;
It is God who doth all this bestow.

The Sabbath is here; on this blessed morn
No tired ox moans,
No creaking wheel groans,
At rest is the plough;
No noise is heard now,
Save the sound of the rustling corn.

The Sabbath is here; our seed we have sown
In hope and in faith;
The Father he saith
Amen! Be it so!
Behold the corn grow!
Rejoicing his goodness we’ll own.

The Sabbath is here; His love we will sing
Who sendeth the rain
Upon the young grain.
And soon all around
The sickle will sound.
And home the bright sheaves we will bring.

The Sabbath is here; in hope and in love
We sow in the dust,
While humbly we trust
Up yonder shall grow
The seed which we sow,
And bloom a bright garland above.

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