The Selfish Giant – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Who was the Giant’s friend? After how many years did the Giant come back?

Ans. The Giant had been out to visit his friend-the Cornish Ogre and had stayed with him for seven years.

Q. What did the Giant do in his old age?

Ans. The Giant grew very old and feeble so he could not play about any more. He sat in his huge armchair and watched the children at their games and admired his garden.

Q. Why were the children happy in the garden?

Ans. The children were happy in the garden because it was very lovely with the grass and beautiful flowers. There were peach trees and birds singing sweetly.

Q. Was the Giant happy or sad over the state of the garden?

Ans. The Giant was surely very sad. He could not infer why the spring and summer never visited his garden. Even the autumn gave golden fruit to every garden except the Giant’s where winter reigned the year round.

Q. What was the weather in the Giant’s garden, when there was spring outside?

Ans. When there was spring outside, the Giant’s garden still had winter. There was snow and frost.

Q. What made the Giant think that the spring had come?

Ans. One morning when Giant heard a linnet singing, the hail stopped dancing and the North Wind ceased roaring, he thought that the spring had come.

Q. What wonderful sight did the Giant see?

Ans. The Giant saw that the children had crept inside through the hole, trees were covered with blossoms, the birds were flying and the flowers were looking up. It was a lovely scene.

Q. Why did the Giant love the little boy the most?

Ans. The giant loved the little boy the most because he had kissed him.

Q. Who do you think was the little boy?

Ans. The little boy was God himself.

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