The Shed – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How has the poet described the door of the shed?

Ans. The poet says that the door of the shed is old and rusty and it creaks when the wind blows. There is a cabinet across the door.

Q. What does the poet tell us about the window of the shed?

Ans. The poet tells us that the window of the shed is old and dusty and it has three cracked glass window panes.

Q. Why does the poet want to go inside the shed?

Ans. Poet wants to go inside, out of curiosity and wants to see what is there inside it.

Q. Why does the poet feel that his brother doesn’t want him to go there?

Ans. The poet’s brother doesn’t want him to go there as he feels that his brother has made the shed his hiding place and wants to keep him away.

Q. When the poet has decided to go in the shed? Why does he still keep postponing it?

Ans. Although the poet has decided to go to the shed he is still not going because he is afraid to go there alone. Its a closed shed which is dark and dusty so he feels scared.

Q. What is the condition of the shed?

Ans. The shed is dirty with spider’s web hanging across the door.

Q. Where does the ghost hides in the shed?

Ans. The ghost hides under the rotten floorboards according to the poet’s brother.

Q. What does the speaker believe?

Ans. The speaker believes there is no ghost in the shed, neither are there any strange noises nor a spider’s web.

Q. “The speaker is resolved to go inside the shed.” Discuss.

Ans. The speaker is fully determined to go inside the shed. Even when his brother threatens him. The reading of the poem clearly exhibits that he does not give up the idea of going inside because he has made up his mind to find out the truth himself. He is firm in his decision so his desire to visit the shed gets delayed only due to the postponement of his going to shed.

Q. What was the opinion of speaker’s brother about the shed?

Ans. The opinion of the speaker’s brother about the shed is that there is a presence of a ghost inside it. He was afraid of it and warned the speaker that if he ever dared to go inside the haunted shed, the ghost living there might chop off his head. So, he should not go there. Saying so, the speaker’s brother made the speaker terrified and afraid.

Q. The spider web hanging on the door was no longer there. Why?

Ans. In the beginning when the speaker describes the shed, he tells us about a spider web which was hanging across the door of the shed, but afterwards the spider web is seen nowhere in the shed. The speaker shares that it had been a long time since the spider and the web were there but now they are not to be seen. The reason for the disappearance of the web may be that the door of the shed had been opened by the speaker’s brother. So possibly while opening the door, the web that covered the door has been misplaced and now there is no web hanging at the door.

Q. How does the speaker hang his attitude?

Ans. ‘The Shed’ is a mysterious poem. In the first three stanzas the speaker seems to be scared of the shed. He thinks that there is a ghost in the shed. He thinks that the strange voices are mysteriously staring at him. He believed in the ghost stories. However, in the final stanza, there is major change in the speaker’s attitude, regarding the shed. Now he has come to know, that all these ghost stories were unreal stories told to him, and that they have nothing to do in the world of reality. And therefore, he determines that he will enter the shed without any fear of ghosts.

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