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The Shed by Frank Flynn

There’s a shed at the bottom of our garden
With a spider’s web hanging across the door,
The hinges are rusty and creak in the wind.
When I’m in bed I lie and I listen,
I’ll open that door one day.

There’s a dusty old window around at the side
With three cracked panes of glass,
I often think there’s someone staring at me
Each time that I pass,
I’ll peep through that window one day.

My brother says there’s a ghost in the shed
Who hides under the rotten floorboards,
And if I ever dare to set foot inside
He’ll jump out and chop off my head,
But I’ll take a peek one day.

I know that there isn’t really a ghost,
My brother tells lies to keep the shed for his den;
There isn’t anyone staring or making strange noises
And the spider has been gone from his web
since I don’t know when,
I’ll go into that shed one day soon,
But not just yet…


At one end of the garden in this house there is a shed. It is not used regularly as the door is closed and there is a cobweb hanging at the door. The hinges of the door have become rusty and when the door shakes because of the wind, there is a creaking sound. The poet hears this sound while lying in the bed. He plans to open the door one day and see what is there inside it.

At the side of the shed there is an old window covered with dust. There are three panes of glass in the window which are cracked. The poet always feels that there is someone inside who is looking through the window whenever he goes through that way. The poet states that one day he would peep through the window.

The poet tells us that his brother says that there is a ghost inside the shed who hides under the rotten floorboards. And if the poet ever went in, he would jump and chop off his head. Still the poet feels that one day he would peep inside and see who is there.

The poet says that in reality there is no ghost in the shed and his brother has told him these lies only to keep the shed as his own hiding place. He says that nobody is looking out of the window and nobody is making noise. Even the spider has gone away from the web. He decides once again to walk into the shed but there is no hurry to implement this plan at the moment.

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