The Shepherd’s Treasure – Summary

Short Summary

A poor shepherd once lived in Iran. Though uneducated, he was very wise and helpful. The king decided to meet him in disguise. The shepherd was able to make out that his visitor was none other than the king. The king made the wise shepherd governor of a small district. Other governors became jealous of the new governor and calledhim dishonest. The new governor was called to the palace. He was ordered to explain why he always carried an iron chest. The chest contained no gold or silver.


A poor shepherd lived in Iran. He was illiterate but very wise and helpful. Soon he became so famous for his wisdom and friendly nature that the king of that country wanted to meet him. So he dressed himself as a shepherd and went to his cave.

The shepherd welcomed him, gave him a share of his frugal supper and also talked to him wisely. The king was very impressed and made him the governor of a small district. Although the shepherd got power and respect, he still remained humble, helpful and sympathetic towards the people. Soon he became famous as a kind and just governor.

The other governors became jealous of his fame and started speaking ill of him and accusing him of stealing from the taxes and hoarding money in an iron chest. The king ordered him to open the box which the shepherd always carried with him. When the box was opened, the governors were embarrassed to see an old blanket in it.

On being asked the reason for carrying an old blanket with him, the shepherd replied with quiet dignity that if at any point of time, the king took away his new cloak (meaning his position) the blanket will still protect him, as it was his oldest friend.

The king was very pleased and the jealous governors were humiliated. He made him the governor of a much bigger district that very day.

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