The Thief’s Story – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What did Hari Singh say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Ans. Hari Singh said that when robbed, the greedy man showed fear; the rich showed anger; the poor showed acceptance while a careless man would not even notice. But a man like Anil would be sad when discovered that he was stolen; not because of his loss of money but because of loss of trust.

Q. In which queer way did Anil make a living?

Ans. Anil made a queer way by borrowing money but repaid the loan whenever he earned money through his writings for magazines. He lived life according to the flow of money. When he got money, he enjoyed out with his friends. When he was having less money, he used to reduce his expenses.

Q. Hari Singh was both a thief and a human being. Explain.

Ans. No doubt Hari is a thief as well as good human being. Situations compel a person to become either beast or remain as a human being. Even goodness and nobility of a person changes anyone’s heart and mind.

Q. What conditions did Anil put forward before appointing Hari Singh as a servant?

Ans. Before appointing Hari Singh as a servant, Anil told him that he would not give Hari a regular salary. He had to cook food for both and Anil could only feed him, to this Hari agreed willingly.

Q. How did Hari Singh make money though he was not paid by Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh did all the market chores for Anil. He saved money from the things he purchased as Anil never asked him to give the accounts. But Anil was very much aware of this.

Q. Hari Singh did not catch the train deliberately while he could catch it easily? Why?

Ans. Hari Singh did not catch the train deliberately because his inner conscience held him back. He thought that Anil would feel sad not for loss of money but for the loss of trust he had reposed in him. Moreover, he did not want to lose the chance of learning. His inner self was transformed.

Q. How did Anil come to know that Hari Singh had run away with his money?

Ans. Perhaps Anil might have woken up at night and discovered that Hari was not present in the house. Moreover, he found the wet notes under his mattress. Out of that, he gave a fifty rupee note to Hari and reacted normally.

Q. Why does Anil not hand the thief over to police?

Ans. Anil was a large hearted person. He forgave Hari Singh as he wanted to reform him. He knew that Hari Singh was sorry for his act. So, he did not think it right to hand him over to police. Anil gave another chance to Hari to improve his habits.


Anil knew everything but he did not hand over the thief to the police because he knew that Hari Singh had returned to him to become a better human being. He wanted to give him another chance to improve. Moreover he thought Hari’s return was the proof of his improvement.

Q. Why did Hari Singh (the theif) want to become an educated man? Who helped him in it?

Ans. Hari Singh wanted to become an educated man because an educated man can earn and get everything in his life. Anil wanted to help him in this work. He started giving him lessons in English.

Q. Why was Hari Singh grateful to Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh was grateful to Anil because Anil taught him to read and write whole sentences and to add numbers. Soon, he would become an educated man and would be able to achieve anything in life.

Q. Anil’s large-heartedness transforms Hari singh completely. Comment.

Ans. Anil’s being a writer did not believe in conventional views. Hence he always had a soft corner for Hari. This is despite the fact that Anil was aware of Hari’s money stealing habits. The author never harboured in his heart the feeling of revenge or anger towards Hari as he believed in reforming the wrong-doer. Han is also touched by Anil’s forgive and forget attitude. Among Anil’s many benevolent actions towards Han the major was one when Anil decided not to hand him to the police. Han got completely transformed by Anil’s kind nature, compassion and above all his large-heartedness.

Q. Describe Anil’s qualities as a man and as an employer.

Ans. The narrator met Anil when he was watching a wrestling match. During this match, the narrator started talking to him to make him his friend. Anil was a very kind-hearted fellow. Although he didn’t need to have a servant because he was not in a position to pay him, yet he became ready to have him in his room on his request. He told him that he would have to cook. But the narrator did not know how to cook food. He taught him the art of cooking. He also started to teach him how to readand write. Many times Anil himself made tea and cooked food and served it to Hari Singh. He knew that Hari Singh saved rupees from the daily purchasing, but he didn’t say him anything. Thus Hari Singh found Anil very kind-hearted and generous as an employer.

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