The Tsunami – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How was Meghna saved?

Ans. Meghna spent two days floating in sea, holding on to a wooden door. Finally she was brought to the shore by a wave and was saved.

Q. How did Alma’s father die?

Ans. Alma’s grandfather was hit by something on the head and he fell down. Alma’s father rushed to save him and both were swept away by a giant wave.

Q. What helped Tilly to understand that Tsunami was coming?

Ans. Tilly’s geography lesson taken just two weeks before the Tsunami helped her to understand that Tsunami was coming.

Q. How did Tilly’s geography lesson help her?

Ans. Tilly had learnt in geography lesson about Tsunami. She saw the sea rise slowly and start forming bubbles and whirlpools. She remembered the video she had seen in school. She got hysterical and took her parents and sister away from the beach to the third floor of the hotel.

Q. What did Alma’s father do when he realised that Tsunami was going to hit the Island?

Ans. When Alma’s father realised that Tsunami was going to hit the island, he woke everyone and tried to rush them to a safer place.

Q. How can we say that the animals have a sixth sense?

Ans. Animals have a sixth sense which alarms them about a natural calamity about to occur. They behave strangely, run to safer place and do not come out.

Q. What did the animals do before the giant waves slammed into the coast of India and Sri Lanka?

Ans. Before the giant waves slammed into the coast of India and Sri Lanka, the animals seemed to know what was about to happen. They fled to safety. Elephants screamed and ran to higher grounds, dogs refused to go outdoors. Flamingoes abandoned their low-lying breeding areas and zoo-animals rushed into their shelters.

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