The Wonderful Words – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Where can we find a new surprise?

Ans. According to the poet, we can find a marvelous new surprise in our mind which can be expressed through words.

Q. What do you have to do to play the wonderful game of English?

Ans. To play the wonderful game of English, all that you have to do is to select the best words that suit your thoughts and pen them down.

Q. Who can liberate thoughts from our mind?

Ans. It is true that words can liberate thoughts from our mind because thoughts and ideas are captive in our mind which come out through words only.

Q. Why are words called the ‘food and dress of thought’?

Ans. If you eat good food and dress properly, your personality looks good. Similarly, if you use the best words to express your thoughts, the outcome of your expression will be excellent that is why words are called the ‘food and dress of thought’.

Q. According to the poet “English is a wonderful game”. Why?

Ans. According to the poet, English is a wonderful game because we can play with words and frame many sentences in such a way as to convey the message what we desire.

Q. What are the views of the poet about human thoughts?

Ans. The views of the poet about human thoughts are that one must not let one’s thoughts die if one does not know how to express them. One should always express one’s thoughts with the help of appropriate words. To express the thoughts in a proper way, one should always convey one’s feelings clearly and truly without least hesitation or shyness.

Q. What is your opinion about words being food and dress of thought? Support your answer with appropriate reasons.

Ans. I am of the opinion that words are the food and dress of our thoughts because as a person without food and dress has no identity, in the some way thoughts have no identity and meaning without words. These are only the words that can express our feeling which we can convey to others. Thoughts will remain captive in mind in the absence of words. In this situation they will have no importance at all.

Q. Write a note on the appropriateness of the title ‘The Wonderful Words.

Ans. The title of the poem is quite appropriate as the poet has given due importance to the words which are vital in order to convey messages or thoughts. Without words we can never express any ideas. They are the best to express thoughts and to take out them from our mind. But it is true that to express our thoughts in a beautiful way, there is a need to look for proper and accurate words. There are thousands of thoughts imprisoned in mind which can find way only through the magic of appropriate words. Hence, words are marvellous, amazing and wonderful.

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