The Wonderful Words – NCERT Solutions

Q. With your partner, complete the following sentences in your own words using the ideas in the poem.

  1. Do not let a thought shrivel and die because ________.
  2. English is a ________ with words that everyone can play.
  3. One has to match ________.
  4. Words are the ________ of thought.


  1. you don’t know how to say it.
  2. wonderful game.
  3. the words to the brightest thoughts in one’s head.
  4. food and dress.

Q. In groups of four discuss the following lines and their meanings.

  1. All that you do is match the words
    To the brightest thoughts in your head
  2. For many of the loveliest things
    Have never yet been said
  3. And everyone’s longing today to hear.
    Some fresh and beautiful thing
  4. But only words can free a thought.
    From its prison behind your eyes


  1. You need to look for proper and accurate words to convey your thoughts beautifully.
  2. It is wrong to think that all that was worth saying has already been said earlier. There are numerous lovely things waiting to be said.
  3. If you have got some original and striking thing to say, you will find thousands of eager listeners.
  4. Mind is a treasure house of wonderful ideas and plans. They are like captives in your head. Only proper words can liberate those thoughts from the prison.

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