This is Jodys Fawn – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Who rode Jody to the forest?

Ans. Mill-Wheel rode Jody to the forest.

Q. What was Penny’s feeling when Jody brought the fawn home?

Ans. Penny was very glad when Jody brought the fawn home.

Q. How did Doe save Penny’s life?

What did Jody want to do in return?

Ans. Penny was bitten by a rattle snake. A doe was killed because its liver was used to draw out the poison. In return Jody wanted to bring its fawn home and take care of it.

Q. How did Jody find the fawn?

Ans. Jody went into the forest, searched here and there, he studied the sand where there were small hoof prints and found the fawn. He touched it, put its arms around him and carried it out.

Q. How did Jody take care of the fawn?

Ans. Jody took care of the fawn by feeding it with his own share of milk, when he saw that the fawn was unable to drink milk from gourd, he dipped his hand in milk and put it in the fawn’s mouth. It sucked it and was content.

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