Trees – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How are trees useful for children? Name two activities.

Ans. Children can play hide and seek under the tree and they can also put swings on them.

Q. Are trees useful only for us?

Ans. No, trees are useful for others also, like birds that can make their nests on them

Q. What is the reaction of father for trees?

Ans. In autumn, when the trees shed their leaves the father’s feel that there are a huge amount of leaves to be raked.

Q. What do mothers say when they see trees?

Ans. Mothers find the trees to so beautiful that a picture can be painted of them.

Q. Name two things mentioned in the poem that the trees can provide.

Ans. Two things mentioned in the poem that the trees can provide are:

  1. Cool shade in summer.
  2. Timber.

Q. How are trees useful for birds?

Ans. The birds sit on the trees and make nests.

Q. How are trees useful in summers?

Ans. The tree provide shade and shelter in summers.

Q. Name the fruits that trees bear.

Ans. Apples and pears

Q. What are the trees chopped for?

Ans. The trees are chopped for timber.

Q. The fathers find trees useful during autumn. How?

Ans. During the autumn, the fathers gather the scattered leaves from the ground and thus, they reap a huge profit. These leaves could be used as a fuel or turned into manure and fertilisers. Thus, the fathers find this business profitable and they develop other businesses and earn a lot of profit.

Q. The trees are useful for the children. How?

Ans. The trees are very useful for the children as they can hang their swings on trees. They enjoy swings on the branches of trees. Hide and seek is their very favourite game which they play by hiding behind trees. Thus, trees are very useful for the children.

Q. What is timber and how is it used?

Ans. When the trees are chopped down their wood is used for various purposes, which is called timber. These logs and wooden timber are used for carpentry and to make furniture. When the tree is cut down, still it is useful and profitable and is purchased and sold in the market.

Q. Describe the trees during autumn.

Ans. During autumn, the leaves of the trees fall on the ground and they are used as fuel. People gather them to use them. During autumn, the trees look bare. They do not have leaves so they don’t give any shade to human beings.

Q. How are the trees useful for mankind?

Ans. The trees are very useful for mankind. They have various uses. They fulfil the needs of all forms of life on the earth. Birds take their food and shelter from the trees and so many animals also do the same. As far as the human beings are concerned, for human beings trees are a major source of life sustenance on the planet. Trees give us fruits, shade, timber, medicines and various other such elements for the use of human beings. Trees are also a source of entertainment. Children love to play around the trees. Trees provide relief and also work as subjects that could be painted by those, who have leisurely time.

Q. The trees help human being in various ways. Discuss

Ans. It is a true fact that trees are very useful for human beings. Along-with oxygen, they also provide us fuel and timber. Children take much interest in trees when they swing on the branches of trees. They also play ‘hide and seek’ around the trees. They give us cool air. Trees provide us cool shade. They give us fruits. They give us medicinal leaves. Trees make a lovely scene for those who love painting. Human beings cannot survive without trees. In other words, we can say that trees give life.

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