Unseen Passage: A Great Lesson

Reading Comprehension

This is a great lesson for all of us to learn, that in all matters the two extremes are alike. The extreme positive and the extreme negative are always similar. When the vibrations of light are too slow we do not see them, nor do we see them when they are too rapid. So is with sound; when very low in pitch we do not hear it, when very high we do not hear it either. Of like nature is the difference between resistance and non-resistance. One man does not resist because he is weak, lazy and cannot; because he will not; the other man knows that he can strike an irresistible blow if he likes; yet he not only does not strike, but blesses his enemies. The one who from weakness resists not commits a sin, and as such cannot receive any benefit from the non-resistance, while the other would commit a sin by offering resistance. – Swami Vivekananda

Q. Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option from the ones given below:

  1. “………in all matters two extremes are alike”, means:
    1. Powerful men always gain success.
    2. All human beings are of same characters.
    3. Boys and girls are equally talented.
    4. The extreme positive and the extreme negative are alike.
  2. When the sound is in low pitch:
    1. we fail to hear it
    2. we can hear it easily
    3. it pleases us
    4. we feel dizzy
  3. Too rapid vibrations of light:
    1. can be easily seen
    2. cannot be seen
    3. should be enjoyed
    4. both (2) and (3) are correct
  4. The one who resists is different from a man who does not resist, because of his:
    1. nature
    2. weakness
    3. strength
    4. laziness
  5. The word ‘irresistible’ means:
    1. tied so closely that it cannot be separated
    2. so strong that it cannot be stopped
    3. that cannot be changed back
    4. so valuable that it cannot be replaced


  1. The extreme positive and the extreme negative are alike
  2. we fail to hear it
  3. cannot be seen
  4. strength
  5. so strong that it cannot be stopped

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