Unseen Passage: Golden Egg

Once a greedy man had a goose that laid a golden egg everyday. He sold the golden egg in the market. This made him very rich. His greed increased day by day. After sometime he said to himself, “My goose lay one egg in a day. That gives me seven eggs in a week. That is a very slow process. I will kill it and get all the golden eggs at once.” So he foolishly killed the goose. There was no gold in her body. All the goose are the same. The greedy man wept and repented for his foolishness. He said, “Oh! I have lost all with my greed”.

Answer the questions that follow:

  1. What did the goose lay daily?
  2. How did the man become rich?
  3. According to the man what was the slow process?
  4. Why did he kill the goose?
  5. Find the opposites of: (a) Decreased (b) Wisely


  1. The goose laid a golden egg daily.
  2. The man sold the golden egg everyday in the market and became rich.
  3. The goose gave one egg a day i.e., seven eggs in a week. This was the slow process.
  4. He killed the goose to get all the golden eggs at once.
  5. (a) Increased (b) Foolishly

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