Unseen Passage: Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a popular teacher and a famous author. She became deaf and blind when she was only 19 months old. Her teacher Anne Sullivan taught her to read. She did so by spelling out words on Helen’s palm. Anne also taught Helen to touch a speaker’s lips and understand what was being said. Later Helen learnt to read books with the help of Braille. She went on to obtain a graduate degree. Her writings have inspired many differently-a led people to overcome difficulties. People who are unable to use one or more of their senses are called ‘differently-abled’.

Q. Answer the following questions by choosing the correct options from those given below:

  1. Helen Keller was:
    1. only deaf
    2. dumb and blind
    3. deaf and dumb
    4. deaf and blind.
  2. Her teacher Anne Sullivan taught her to:
    1. write
    2. read
    3. read and write
    4. dance
  3. Anne Sullivan taught Helen to read by spelling words on her:
    1. face
    2. hand
    3. palm
    4. cheeks
  4. Anne also taught Helen to understand what was being said by:
    1. touching the speaker’s hand.
    2. touching the speaker’s lips.
    3. touching the speaker’s face.
    4. touching the speaker’s fingers.
  5. The word ‘author’ means the same as:
    1. Writer of books
    2. one who has authority
    3. one who is famous
    4. one who is deaf and blind.


  1. deaf and blind
  2. read
  3. palm
  4. touching the speaker’s lips
  5. writer of books

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