Unseen Passage: Maggie, Golden Doodle

Maggie is a Golden Doodle. However, she turned out to be more Golden than Doodle – lots of energy, very loving, a people pleasure, soft, loves every minute of life. But when she was small, we called her “The Demon”! She lived to jump on me, bite me, and steal anything. My goal had been to get a dog that would keep me walking every day. But more than that, I am in a period of my life where I was looking for a way to give back. Seeing Maggie’s loving personality and high energy, I realized that Maggie needed a job and I needed to volunteer, and if we worked together, we could both have that. But the little “demon” needed to be tamed! After going through beginner and intermediate obedience at Canine Academy, I knew that Maggie would benefit from the Off-Leash programme and that would help her get ready to become a therapy dog, so that she could be busy and I could give back.

She is home from the Academy now, and what a great dog she is! She loved her training and did very well at Canine Academy. Walks that used to be difficult because at 75 lbs, her pulling on the leash was hard on me, are now a pleasure. We walk twice every day and she has many friends in the neighbourhood, that have watched her grow from an unruly puppy to a beautiful companion, thanks to the Canine Academy. We train every day and she loves to attend the weekly training sessions that the Off-Leash graduates take part in. Lisa and her trainers gave Maggie the tools she needed to be an absolutely wonderful dog. Now we work together to fine tune those tools and everyone that knew her before, is quite impressed by how well-behaved she is now. My life is so much better with Maggie in it, but part of that is thanks to the wonderful people at the Canine Academy and the great work they do with dogs. If I ever add to my dog family, we will surely be calling them again!

Answer any four of the following questions:

  1. What qualities of Maggie are mentioned by the author in the opening paragraph?
  2. What training programmes did Maggie undergo?
  3. Why is the author grateful to the Canine Academy?
  4. Why is everybody in the author’s neighborhood impressed by Maggie?
  5. Why has the author called Maggie the demon?
  6. What is meant by the word, ‘tamed’? (Para 1)
    1. taught
    2. trained
    3. calmed
    4. disciplined
  7. What is meant by the word, ‘obedience’?
    1. faithfulness
    2. servility
    3. calmed
    4. respect
  8. What is meant by the word, ‘unruly’? (Para 2)
    1. unmanageable
    2. cruel
    3. ugly
    4. bad
  9. What is meant by the word, ‘impressed’? (Para 2)
    1. afraid
    2. affected
    3. charmed
    4. delighted
  10. What is meant by the word ‘companion’?
    1. friend
    2. partner
    3. stranger
    4. rival


  1. According to the author, Maggie is mentioned in the opening paragraph as energetic, soft, a people pleaser and one who loved every moment of life.
  2. Maggie underwent beginner and intermediate obedience programmes and Off-Leash training programme.
  3. The author is grateful to the Canine Academy as the academy transformed the unruly dog into a beautiful, obedient and friendly dog. (
  4. Everybody in the author’s neighborhood is impressed by Maggie because Maggie is an absolutely wonderful dog, very friendly and well behaved.
  5. The author called Maggie “the demon” because she loved to jump on him, bite him and would steal anything.
  6. disciplined
  7. faithfulness
  8. affected
  9. partner

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