Unseen Passage: Pip and the Convict

He (the convict) asked me where my father and mother were. When I had pointed out their tombstones to him; he asked me with whom I lived. I told him that I lived with my sister, wife of Joe Gargery, the black-smith. On hearing the word ‘black-smith’ he looked down at his legs and then at me. He took me by both arms and ordered me to bring him early the next morning, a file and some food, or he would have my heart and liver out. I was not to say a word about it at all. “I am not alone,” he said, “as you may think I am. There is a young man hidden within me in comparison with whom I am an angel. That young man hears the words I speak. That young man has a secret way, peculiar to himself, of getting at a boy, and at his heart and at his liver. It is in vain for a boy to attempt to hide himself from the young man.”

I promised to bring him the file, and what broken bits of food I could, and wished him good night. He limped towards the low church wall, got over it, and then turned round to look for me. When I saw him turning, I set my face towards home and made the best use of my legs. (Philip, called Pip, is the speaker.)

Complete the following on the basis of your reading of the passage:

  1. The speaker lived with Joe Gargery and his sister because _____________________.
  2. If the speaker did not bring a file and food for the convict, he _____________________.
  3. The convict’s threat to the speaker was _____________________.
  4. Before bidding the convict good night, the speaker promised that _____________________.
  5. Find out words from the passage which have the same meaning as: (a) Strange (b) Useless.


  1. his parents were dead.
  2. would have his heart and liver out.
  3. that he had a companion, who was very cruel.
  4. he would get him food and the file.
  5. (a) Peculiar (b) In vain.

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