Unseen Passage: Side Effects of TV

Scientists and doctors keep warning us of the dangerous effects of T.V. on various systems and organs of our body. Watching T.V. continuously for a long time is extremely harmful for the eyes. Everyone on an average watches T.V. for three to four hours daily. Consequently, eye-sight gets weak. Children are the most affected because from their very childhood, their eye-sight goes weaker and weaker by watching T.V. and at a close range it is all the more harmful. The debilitating effect of T. V. watching on eye-sight has resulted into a general complaint of headache. The high-pitched sound of dance, music, fights and cries in various programmes results into deafness. Continuous watching of T.V. in one posture causes joint pain, backache, and muscle pain. Eating and drinking while watching T.V. causes obesity and also makes our digestive system sluggish. Scenes of horror and violence are causing psychological problems in our youth. In short, watching T.V. for long hours is harmful for our health and mental growth.

Q. Answer the following questions by choosing the correct options from those given below:

  1. Watching too much of T.V. affects our:
    1. skin
    2. nails
    3. eyes
    4. hair
  2. Average T.V. viewing is about:
    1. less than one hour
    2. more than two hours
    3. three to four hours
    4. four to five hours.
  3. The general complaint of headache is due to:
    1. watching T.V. at a close range
    2. high-pitched sound of dance and music.
    3. weak eye-sight due to viewing T.V.
    4. muscle pain
  4. Psychological problems are caused due to:
    1. sluggish digestive system
    2. wrong posture while watching T.V.
    3. watching scenes of horror and violence
    4. eating and drinking while watching T.V.
  5. Continuous T.V. viewing in one posture causes:
    1. obesity
    2. psychological problems
    3. joint pain, back pain and muscle pain
    4. headache.


  1. eyes
  2. three to four hours.
  3. weak eye-sight due to viewing T.V.
  4. watching scenes of horror and violence
  5. joint pain, back pain and muscle pain

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