Unseen Passage: Sparrow

A sparrow is a small bird which is found throughout the world. There are many different species of sparrows. Sparrows are only about four to six inches in length. Many people appreciate their beautiful song. Sparrows prefer to build their nests in low places – usually on the ground, clumps of grass, low trees and low bushes. In cities they build their nests in holes and nooks in buildings. They rarely build their nests at high places. They build their nests out of twigs, grasses and plant fibres. Their nests are usually small and well-built structures.

Female sparrows lay four to six eggs at a time. The eggs are white with reddish brown spots. They hatch within eleven to fourteen days. Both the male and female parents care for the young. Insects are fed to the young after hatching. The sparrow use their large claws for scratching seeds. Adult sparrows mainly eat seeds. Sparrows can be found almost everywhere, where there are humans. Many people throughout the world enjoy watching these delightful birds.

The sparrows are some of the few birds that engage in dust bathing. Sparrows will first scratch a hole in the ground with their feet, then lie in it and fling dirt or sand over their bodies with flicks of their wings. Many birds, particularly game birds and sparrows, take dust baths as part of their regular preening. The dust helps dislodge parasites and absorbs excess preen oil so feathers are not heavily coated. Birds that do not bathe in water are more likely to use dust baths frequently, but many birds use both types of bathing. They will also bathe in water, or in dry or melting snow. Water bathing is similar to dust bathing, with the sparrow standing in shallow water and flicking water over its back with its wings, and also ducking its head under the water. Both activities are social, with up to a hundred birds participating at one go, and is followed by preening and sometimes group singing.

Q. Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the length of sparrows?
  2. The eggs are white with __________ spots.
  3. In how many days do their eggs hatch?
  4. The word ‘Species’ means __________.
  5. Female sparrows lay __________ eggs at a time.
    1. 2-3
    2. 3-4
    3. 4-5
    4. 4-6
  6. The chief food of adult sparrow is:
    1. grains
    2. worms
    3. seeds
    4. fruits
  7. What is a social activity of the sparrows?
    1. Singing
    2. Dancing
    3. Flying
    4. Bathing
  8. Who takes care of the young?
    1. Male sparrow
    2. Both male and female sparrows
    3. Female sparrow
    4. None of them


  1. The length of sparrows is about four to six inches.
  2. reddish brown
  3. Their eggs hatch in eleven to fourteen days.
  4. kinds
  5. 4-6
  6. seeds
  7. Bathing is a social activity of the sparrows.
  8. Both male and female sparrows take care of the young.

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