Unseen Passage: Speaking Frankly

It is not always easy in company to speak frankly and if you don’t want to be considered a bad-mannered person, you have to watch constantly for signs. It is not easy, for example, to listen for long to any one person. Try in company to take only a fair share of the conversation. If there are two of you, take half of it. When you have said a little, keep quiet, and give your friend a chance to say something. If he does not talk, he probably does not want you to talk either. Many a young man or woman talks away, thinking the company is delighted to hear him or her, whereas everyone is really exhausted and angry. Don’t think you can say unpleasant things about someone behind his back and not be found out. It is surprising how the remarks usually find their way to the person with your name attached, so to speak. Whatever you say, always assume that the person may overhear and modify your remarks accordingly. All experienced people act in this way.

Complete the following on the basis of your reading of the passage:

  1. In conversation’’ you should not be speaking most of the time because ____________________.
  2. If two of you are engaged in conversation, you should allow your companion ____________________.
  3. If the other person in your company does not talk, he might want ____________________.
  4. You should not say unpleasant things about someone behind his back because ____________________.
  5. Find the word from the passage which means: (a) To change (b) delighted


  1. it is considered as bad manners.
  2. to speak half of the time.
  3. not to talk to you.
  4. the person may come to know about it.
  5. (a) Modify. (b) Showing pleasure.

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