Was or Were – Exercises for Class 3

Was is used with singular nouns to tell what a person, an animals, or a things was doing sometime ago. Were is used with you, they, we and plural nouns.


Q. Choose was or were.

  1. There (was/were) a live concert.
  2. Sona and Rupa (was/were) at their grandparent’s house.
  3. My books (was/were) on the table.
  4. It (was/were) ver cold outside.
  5. They (was/were) going to school.


  1. was
  2. were
  3. were
  4. was
  5. were

Q. Fill in the blanks with was or were.

  1. The friends __________ having fun at the party.
  2. The boy __________ very naught as a child.
  3. The stars __________ twinkling in the sky last night.
  4. We __________ dancing with joy.
  5. I __________ playing in the park.


  1. were
  2. was
  3. were
  4. were
  5. was

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