Essay on Water Pollution

In today’s developing world, not one country is immune from the crisis of water pollution. Water pollution has increased at a galloping rate, beyond the limit. The causes of water pollution are many. The main contributors are the factories and industries.

Rivers are polluted by various effluent and industrial wastes. This increases the toxicity of the water and kills many aquatic plants and animals. The industries also dump hot water and various chemical effluents into rivers, leading to imbalance of ecosystem.

Another culprit cause of water pollution is the untreated sewage which is dumped in to the rivers. People also dump corpses into the rivers and this leads to rise in level of coliform bacteria which could cause various epidemics.

Agriculture also contributes to this pollution – the various fertilizer, pesticides sprayed on the corps, when leeched into the river, causes eutrophication. This affects the aquatic flora.

People also contribute to this problem by bathing in rivers, washing utensils, and during garbage into the rivers.

The effects of polluted water are many. On health, it can cause various diseases to human when consumed like TB, Cholera, etc. It can also lead to biological magnification. This polluted water also affects soil and causes soil pollution.

In order to prevent water pollution one needs to be a responsible citizen and not dumb garbage etc. into the water. The factories and industries should treat the sewage, industrial waste before dumping into rivers.

Thus, by social awareness we can combat water pollution and restore balance in the nature. Life on earth is impossible without clean and fresh sources, they are our lifeline and we should collectively maintain them

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