Who Did Patrick’S Homework? – Summary

Who Did Patrick’S Homework? is written by Carol Moore.


Patrick was an active boy who loved playing games but hated doing his homework. He had no interest in studies.

One day he saw his pet cat playing with a little doll. It was not a doll but an elf. The elf’s life was in danger because the cat could eat him. He was in trouble and needed help. Patrick saved his life and the elf in return promised to grant him a wish.

Patrick was happy and asked the tiny man to do his homework for that semester. The elf expressed his displeasure but he had promised to grant him wish so he agreed.

The elf began doing Patrick’s homework, but needed his help in every subject because he knew nothing about Maths, English or History. Patrick had to work really hard to help the elf do his homework. He had to run to the library to make notes. Finally the homework was done.

The elf quietly shipped away. Patrick got ‘A’ grade to the surprise of his friends, teachers and parents. Patrick had changed completely into an ideal kid with a whole new attitude. He still thought that the tiny man had done his homework whereas, the truth was that he had done it himself.

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