Will God, Who Made the Earth and Sea by Eliza Lee Follen

Will God, who made the earth and sea,
The night, and shining day,
Regard a little child like me,
And listen when I pray?

If I am hungry, poor, and cold,
Then will he hear my cry?
And when I shall be sick and old,
O, then will God be nigh?

Yes; in his holy word we read
Of his unfailing love;
And when his mercy most we need,
His mercy he will prove.

To those who seek him, he is near;
He looks upon the heart,
And from the humble and sincere
He never will depart.

He sees our thoughts, our wishes knows,
He hears our faintest prayer;
Where’er the faithful Christian goes,
He finds his Father there.

Obedient children need not fear;
God is a faithful friend,
And when no other help is near,
He will deliverance send.

Then fear not hunger, cold, or pain,
But fear to disobey
That power which does your life sustain,
And guards you every day.

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