Essay on Importance of Yoga

Everyone is aware of the fact that the ancient practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits to modern-day students at almost every grade level. Yoga’s combination of breath and movement can help alleviate social and academic stress, clear the mind and soothe cramped bodies, which are jammed behind desks and hunched over computers.

One of yoga’s primary benefits for every human being is the alleviation of stress. Students may be young, but they aren’t immune to stress. Family pressure, financial fears, academic performance standards and peer groups can all take a toll on a student’s psyche and success in school. A study performed by Harvard Medical School researchers found that high-school students who participated in yoga instead of traditional physical education offerings for a semester, exhibited improvements in mood, anxiety, perceived stress and resilience.

Yoga offers time for the body and mind to relax from the rigor of learning. This may help students to be better at applying themselves when studying or learning in a classroom. Medical students who practiced yoga for just one month reported better sleep and improved concentration. Apart from reducing stress and relaxing the mind, yoga improves concentration of a person which is very helpful to students. It keeps mind healthy and helps to overcome depression. Not only this, yoga and meditation reduce behavioral problems also.

Needless to say that yoga has many benefits and students must make it a part of their regular life.

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