Bible Stories for Children

Bible is read to find the best answers to the many problems of life and death. Much that is valuable in Bible is recorded in events or in parables, and for all young minds and for nearly all older intellects, the doctrines, the alarms, the benedictions, the promises, the hopes are treasured up in incidents which might be thrown upon canvas or carved out of marble.

Faith is seen in the picture of Abraham; patriotism, courage, honor, piety in Moses; justice in the story of Lot’s wife; eternal friendship in Ruth; reckless ambition in Absalom; resignation in Job; faithfulness in Daniel; while in the New Testament the pictures offered in the Christ, the Marys, the Johns and St. Paul have been too many and too great for art to equal.

There is a good deal in the Bible that a child cannot understand, and the queer names make it very hard reading. The aim is to tell the story simply, and in Bible language, so that the children can read it themselves, and learn to love and prize it as the best of all books.

The writer has detached from the Bible the historic incidents, and while they make a continuous record of the old and the new dispensations, they are separated from that which is too abstract to detain and impress the youngest readers. While the young folks are reading these stories they will find not only the religious truths they all need, but they will also find the simplicity and power of their own English language.

Bible Stories

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