Reading Comprehension / Unseen Passage for Class 9

The students are required to do a thorough study and have understanding of the given comprehension passage which may consist of one or more than one paragraphs. The main purpose of this activity is to test the reading ability of the students and their intellectual skills.

There are two types of passages which help to test the reading skills of the students during their examination. They are:

Factual Passage: A factual passage contains 300 to 350 words. It is a detailed description in which some information is added along with a description of physical attributes. A student learns to get a comprehensive view of the subject and he discusses to improve his or her mental ability. There are instructive, descriptive and reporting passages in this section.

Discursive Passage: A discursive passage contains a text which is either argumentative, interpretative or persuasive in nature. It may also include opinions or feedback. The students are able to come to a conclusion through their reasoning power rather than intuition. They discuss the subject to reach a balanced and objective approach.

Reading Comprehension with Answers

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