Reading Comprehension / Unseen Passage for Class 10

The word ‘comprehension’ means to fully understand the text using one’s intellect. A comprehension passage is a text set for testing the reader’s ability to comprehend (understand) the meaning being implied by the text and the theme of that particular passage.

Questions based on a passage generally appear as a chronological relationship with the passage. Usually the first question has the answer in the initial paragraphs and so on but if the answers are inferential then the matter might have to be collected from various paragraphs and for this, one needs to be familiar with the entire passage.

Scoring maximum marks in comprehension passages is a skill which can be mastered by constant practice. Before answering the question, a student must read the passage carefully and then try to find the answer from the passage itself by focusing mainly on what is required in the answer. Answers must be written in one’s own language and not copied verbatim from the text.

Types of Comprehension Passage:

  • Factual Passages: As the name suggests, factual passages give some facts, be it historical or about the achievements of a particular person. They can also provide instructions. They can be reports or even descriptions of something.
  • Discursive Passages: These kinds of passages involve an opinion. They have a logical flow and are argumentative in nature.
  • Literary Passages: These are the extracts from a literary piece.

Reading Comprehension with Questions and Answers

Class 10

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