Speech Writing for Students

Delivering a speech is not an easy job. It requires confidence to speak in front of others. Every listener is not of the same kind. Speech varies from place-to-place and audience-to-audience. It can be a speech in the general public, it can be during the school assembly or even in the office on some particular occasion.

To be precise, a speech is a formal talk given by a person to an audience. Quite similar to a debate, the speaker expresses his/her strong opinions about an issue with the purpose to convince the listeners to understand his/her point of view.

Speech Format

Introduction: Begin the speech with a meaningful quote or statement or by sharing a personal experience, which is relevant to the topic of the speech. Once you have the audience’s attention, formally address the chief guest, fellow presenters and members of the audience. Eventually, introduce the topic of speech.

The Topic: Make the speech impactful by including logical arguments and substantiating his/her views with pertinent facts and examples. The language used also plays an important role. The speaker must use formal, powerful language.

Summation: While summing up the speech the speaker must highlight the most important points. He/she can even suggest relevant solutions to problem discussed in the speech.

Conclusion: The speech must end either with an appeal, a request, a warning or with a call for action. But, it must end on a positive note. Say ‘Thank you’ at the end of speech.

Speech Writing Topics

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