Speech on Importance of Trees

Give a Small Speech during the morning assembly on the topic “Importance of trees”. Your speech should not exceed 100 words.

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and my dear friends. A very good morning to all.

Trees are a vital natural resource. They play a pivotal role in purifying air. They produce oxygen gas which is given out from the leaves into the atmosphere. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, making the air clean.

Trees provide a number of products to us. We get fruits such as apples and mangoes, oranges and nuts. There are medicinal trees also such as Neem, Amla, Cinchona and Eucalyptus. These trees give us valuable medicines. The wood obtained from trees like Teak, Sal and Oak is used for making furniture. Trees prevent natural calamities such as floods. Trees also cause rainfall.

The dry leaves of trees make fertile compost which enriches the soil. Trees also provide us with shade specially in the summer season. Hence we must pledge to protect our natural wealth and plant trees in our homes and surroundings.

Thank you.

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